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Jiuzhaigou, a date with the fairyland
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Jiuzhaigou consists of 108 seas of springs, waterfalls, rivers and beaches, forming a colorful Yaochi jade pot. It is the world's natural heritage! Its landscape, like the natural color, is like a superb picture in the people's field of vision, colorful streams, waterfalls, autumn mountains, red leaves, colorful forests, autumn, it is The most beautiful moment in Jiuzhaigou. As early as a few years ago, this place that made me dream of my dreams has left a deep mark on my heart. Jiuzhai returned without looking at the water, the fairyland Jiuzhaigou. Follow me in the footsteps!


[Precautions] Jiuzhaigou is relatively cool in the morning and evening. It is recommended to wear a fleece jacket. The sun will be hotter and appropriate to reduce clothing. But this time is not the rainy season. Jiuzhaigou itself is more than 2,000 meters above sea level, not plateau, and the oxygen in the ditch is sufficient. There will be altitude sickness. The Jiuzhaigou scenic area is composed of Sanzhigou, forming a Y-shaped inverted type. After the entrance comes in, it is the first tree trunk, and there are scenic spots such as Shuzhenghai. The Nuorilang transfer station is the intersection of Sanzhigou and can be replaced by different ditch. The tour bus, the lower left ditch is called Jizhagou, and it is also the place where Jiuzhaigou has a lot of beautiful scenery. The most beautiful Wuhuahai in Jiuzhaigou is here, there are Jinghai, Panda Sea, Jianzhuhai, etc., the lower right ditch Called Chadgou, this ditch is more famous for the Changhai and the Wucai. It is recommended that Jiuzhaigou take two to three days to visit. On the first day, take the bus to Nuorilang Waterfall, then take the hiking trail to visit the waterfall, Jinghai, Wuhuahai, Pearl Beach, Panda Sea, Jianzhuhai, then take the bus to the virgin forest. Make a scenic car to the Nuorilang transfer point and transfer to Changhai's car, visit Changhai, Wucai pool, and then return. The next day, you should go to Jinghai and Wuhuahai first. You can visit the highway and watch the flowers at high altitude. The sea is more beautiful, then change to the rhinoceros sea at the center of Nuorilang, and you can walk out of the rhinoceros from the rhinoceros sea, passing through the attractions such as Tiger Sea, Shuzheng Waterfall, Reed Sea and Bonsai Beach. You can also get out of the ditch in Shuzhengzhai. If time is not allowed, it will be fine in one day. It is quite tense. Visit the Jinghai, Wuhuahai, Pearl Beach, Panda Sea, Jianzhuhai in the order of the day, then take the bus to the virgin forest and then take the scenic car to Nori. Transfer to the Long Point and transfer to the Changhai and Wucai Pools, then transfer to the Rhino Sea, Tiger Sea, Shuzheng Waterfall, Lusong Sea, Bonsai Beach and other attractions at the Nuorilang Center. Zhai took the car out of the ditch. Jiuzhaigou

Tourism Notes

1. Jiuzhaigou District is a medium-high altitude area. Generally, tourists do not have too much mountain reaction, but Huanglong has a higher altitude. It is necessary to do what it is. It should not be exercised vigorously. Drink less alcohol and eat more vegetables and fruits. In case of high mountains reaction. Old and infirm, should prepare common drugs, preferably with a small oxygen cylinder (this can be purchased in Chengdu).

2, Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou traffic is very convenient, in addition to the choice of self-driving, participating in the group, take the bus into Jiuzhaigou, you can also fly to Chuanzhusi, then transfer to Jiuzhaigou.

3, Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou one-way about 400 axiom, road conditions are good, security is neither as dangerous as some people say, nor as insurance in the plains.

4. Take the bus from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou, you can take the bus to Xinnanmen Station and Chadianzi Station. The fare is about 100 yuan.

5. The scenic area is strong and the ultraviolet light is strong. For long periods of time outdoors, wear a sun hat and apply anti-frost to protect your skin.

6, the temperature difference between day and night in the scenic area is large, please bring enough warm and cold clothing, and prepare commonly used drugs.

7. All the main tourist spots in the ditch have hidden toilets and garbage bins. Please cooperate actively during the tour to strengthen your environmental awareness.

8. Don't feed the fish; to ensure safety, it is best to guide the tour guides. Accompanied by the tour, so as not to cause accidents;

9, friends who love photography, climbing, please bring the relevant equipment, pay attention to outdoor warmth.

10. Tickets in Jiuzhaigou are purchased once every time. Tickets for the second time can be discounted, but you need to purchase the first ticket together, so please arrange your time so as not to waste the ticket money.

11. The sightseeing car system is implemented in Jiuzhaigou, and the ticket is 90 yuan, which can be used without restrictions.

12. Accommodation in the ditch has not been allowed, and it is necessary to leave the ditch after each visit. If you book a Tibetan's room in advance, you can also go quietly.

13. Please respect the life and beliefs of the local minority and avoid conflicts with local residents. It is best to follow the advice of tour guides during shopping to avoid unnecessary disputes.

14. Due to the poor local evening activities, special attention should be paid when going out to participate in recreational activities to avoid being blackmailed.

15. The best tourist season in Jiuzhaigou is from September to October every year, with the best in mid-October and more rain in July-August. However, as a world-class scenic spot, Jiuzhaigou scenery in other seasons is also very beautiful, and will not regret. .

16. The most prosperous season in Jiuzhaigou is the May 1st and 11th Golden Week of the year. Not only are there many tourists, but the prices of eating, living and traveling are very expensive. It is best to avoid this time to go to Jiuzhaigou.

17. If there is more time, Jiuzhaigou can be connected with Huanglong, Ruoergai Grassland and Hongyuan Grassland for tourism. Apply anti-frost to protect the skin. the temperature difference between day and night in the scenic area is large, please bring enough warm and cold clothing, and prepare commonly used drugs.

When the plane is about to arrive at Jiuhuang Airport, the moment it slowly descends, the snow-capped mountains overlook the front, and the clouds cover the ice peaks, like a paradise on earth! At that moment, my heart was shocked and I had to feel that this was a magical place...

In Jiuzhaigou, the bright blue sky, the blossoming white clouds, lined with the smart landscape, open a beautiful picture...

The leaves have been replaced with colorful clothes, dotted with fairy-tale scenes. My date with the fall begins from this moment...

The first thing that catches the eye is the Wuhuahai, which has the reputation of “Jiuzhaigou” and “Jiuzhai Essence”. The surrounding hillsides are covered in a beautiful autumn color after the autumn, with rich colors and a thousand gestures. Wuhuahai is similar to a half-open peacock because of its color and contour, also known as Peacock Sea. The blue-green lake is so fascinating.

Most of the colored leaves here are concentrated on the shore of the lake near the water outlet, and one of the plants is interwoven into a brocade, such as a flame.

When the tree is poured into the water, it becomes a dead branch over time, and the calcium in the water wraps it, forming a calcified shape that has not been rotted.

The combination of blue and green, with white clouds, makes the water color of a lake appear true and illusory, such as the magical color of dreams.

Walking around the sea of ​​flowers, came to the Panda Sea. It is said that the giant pandas in Jiuzhaigou like to come here to wander, drink, and forage.

In addition, Zhang Yimou's film "Hero" also had a scene of a sword and a nameless sword, which made it famous.

Further up, it will reach the virgin forest covering more than half of Jiuzhaigou. A veritable natural oxygen bar, the negative oxygen ion is very high, the fresh air makes people feel comfortable, and their hearts are refreshing...

The morning mist on the way is like a layer of tulle, dreamlike, picturesque...

After seeing the colorful pool, I went to Shuzhengzhai. There are very few tourists here. I can walk all the time, and I will be amazed by the fullness of the harvest, all the way to the beautiful scenery, all the way to the clear water, all the way to Yaochi.

[Preparation before the trip]

Sunscreen: Jiuzhaigou is located on the plateau, and the ultraviolet rays are very strong. Be sure to buy a sun protection index of more than 30, the beauty of the mm must pay attention to rub the sunscreen, or return to regret it, and obviously black.

Sun visor: For long hours of outdoor activities, it is best to wear a visor and use it when taking pictures. It can be beautiful and sleek sunglasses: especially after snowing in winter, it is very glaring, and a pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes.

Raincoat rain gear: When you travel, you will always encounter rain. Rain gear is a must-have item for travel. It is good to bring a raincoat. It is not recommended to bring an umbrella because it is inconvenient.

Daily necessities: skin care travel wear, after-sun repair solution: After intense ultraviolet radiation during the day, remember to care for the skin at night. Moisturizing cream, moisturizing nourishing mask, lip balm, wet wipes: Jiuzhaigou is dry in winter, and moisturizing products are essential.

Warm clothing: The temperature difference between day and night is large, and the weather is dry and cold. Prepare warm underwear, long-sleeved trousers, and a down jacket. Socks and sneakers are more suitable. As the Romans do: Since Jiuzhaigou belongs to the Abe Autonomous Tibetan Autonomous Region, many customs and habits are definitely not the same as those of our Han people. Therefore, before going to Jiuzhaigou, you should familiarize yourself with local customs and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Also go to some entertainment venues, cautious consumption.

Digital products: Jiuzhaigou has a beautiful scenery and must be recorded. My camera equipment is as follows. D810+24-70 lens, iphone 6. Room reservation: I prefer B&B compared to the hotel, so I booked the room on Airbnb. This is a very famous hotel website in the world. Their discount is very strong. The new user can reduce the cash of 100-300 at the time of reservation by the registration of the old user, which is equivalent to a half price discount. It is very cost-effective. I will change the new account every time I make a reservation, and I can save hundreds of different prices all the way. 


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