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it is said to be opening to the public again, everyday it is limited at 8000 people

I went there last month in China's national holiday, after the earthquake.

Things to prepare:

Sports shoes, camera, ID card, mobile phone, money, emergency medicine, remember to have a shoulder bag

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1, Mianyang city is small, but it is worth living here. All the parks are free. Large parks like Fuleshan will definitely charge high ticket fees in other cities.

2, Mianyang environment is very good, the riverside is green and green, and the greening is very good.

3, Mianyang to Jiuzhaigou is very long, about 10 hours drive, the road toilets will be charged, 1 yuan once.

4, Jiuzhaigou scenery is beautiful to suffocate, just one day is enough, so do not have to prepare to stay in the ditch for two days.

5, Huang Long is very easy to reverse, to walk slowly.

6, Huanglong cableway can sit and sit, although it takes 3 kilometers to sit up, but after all, it is flat, if the physical requirements for climbing are quite high.

7, Gucheng City is not very playable, almost the place to shop, Yuanshanzi Village is also selling silverware, it is recommended not to buy.

8, Jinli, Kuanzhai Alley is a place to shop, lack of features.

9, Qingcheng Mountain is worthy of the Qingcheng world, although the front mountain is a lot of Taoist, but it will not disappoint.

10, Qingyang Palace is a place where Chengdu people entertain and drink tea, and the playability is not great.

11, Ziyun Pavilion is only famous, Xishan is the place where local people dance in the square.

[Traffic information]

The time of the National Day holiday is going to Jiuzhaigou, and the flight price from Shanghai to Mianyang will be very low. Mianyang can report to the Jiuzhaigou three-day tour group. If you are purely free, the traffic is not very convenient.

[Time information]

Go to Jiuzhai in early November, the price is cheap, the maple leaves have not withered, the amount of water is abundant, is the best time to go to Jiuzhaigou


In theevening, the rain all night, the biggest time can hear the obvious rain, wake up in the morning, the rain has stopped, the weather is foggy, we ate breakfast, the sky gradually lit up, followed by the tour guide At the gate of the scenic spot, the time is 7:50 in the morning. There are many people at the entrance of the scenic spot. After entering the scenic spot, you can take the scenic bus. It should be noted that you must sit on the left when you first enter, so you can see a lot of scenery, and there is no scenery on the right.

The scenery changed constantly along the way, starting with a green river, then a waterfall, and then a green, indescribable lake. The scenery was so beautiful that everyone looked at it. On the other hand, the sky is getting better and better, and the white clouds are gradually spreading out, revealing a blue sky. When we went, the autumn colors were thick, the leaves were slowly changing, and the colors were colorful.

After the Zhuozhuhai, car stopped at the Nuorilang Central Station, because it was in the morning, it didn't have to be transferred. We drove directly to Jianzhuhai to let us down. Many people in the original forest said that it was not fun, and they gave up. After getting off the bus, we walked along the plank road and it was not long before we could see the arrow bamboo. At this time, the sky was slightly bluish, reflected in the dark green water, blue, white, green, plus the opposite mountain. The reflection, red, yellow, blue, reconciled together, like a plate of dyeing pans overturned in the water, no wind in the morning, the little saplings in the water quietly stay in the mirror On the water surface, a thin mist of mist on the middle of the mountain floats slowly, and it is like a fairyland. Suddenly, the fog drifted away in the distance, and the golden sunlight sprinkled on the apex of the distant snow-capped mountains, and the holy people worshipped.

Panda Sea is located in the north of Jianzhuhai. I heard that it is a place where giant pandas love to come. It is similar to the scenery of Jianzhuhai. There are many trees at the bottom that don’t know how many years ago, let the water level change. More abundant.

Wuhuahai Pearl Beach Then we didn't have a car, but all walked around. Wuhuahai is the most beautiful lake in Jiuzhaigou. Even after seeing the previous two places, we have to praise its color. The blue lake reflects the colorful mountains. As the pace moves, the sleep will change into different colors. Wuhuahai is also named after it. After the Wuhuahai, it is the Pearl Beach Waterfall, where the slope of the waterfall is very slow, making the water surface covered with fine small blisters that look like pearls. After visiting here, the weather is already blue sky and white clouds, and the weather is very clear. The weather in Jiuzhaigou still depends on luck. Don't believe the weather forecast.

Mirror Sea and then take a stop, it is the mirror sea. Today the weather is too strong, there is no wind, the water is really like a mirror, and the slopes on the other side are completely reflected in the water, no difference. Although Jinghai is very large, the pedestrian area for visitors is not large. It will take 20 minutes for all the roads to finish. After playing the mirror sea, we went to the center station Nuorilang.

After the Nuorilang Waterfall got off the central station, it might be that the intensity of the morning exercise was too great. Coupled with a bad cold, the head began to feel a little pain, which seemed to be slightly high. There are still many roads from the central station to the waterfall. We stopped to look at the stop and patted the photos. After ten minutes, we came to Ruolang Waterfall. When I saw him at first sight, I couldn’t help but admire it. It was so beautiful. On the wide waterfall, a stream flows down the river. Unlike the waterfalls on the average mountain, the Nuorilang Waterfall forms a magnificent wall with a stream of trickles. After watching the waterfall and eating lunch, I felt my head hurt more and more. We slowly climbed back to the center of Nuorilang and headed for Changhai.

drove through the beautiful next season sea and the last season sea. The car broadcast said that there is only water in the wet season. The lake is so beautiful and fascinating, the car took a long time. Only came to Changhai, in the end is the largest sea in Jiuzhai, the blue water reflects the sky that has been cloudless, and the snow mountain can be seen from afar. The scenery is really beautiful.


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