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Discovering the world's most amazing cliff road - Wanxian Mount

Since I have heard so many praises, I thought maybe it's time to take a look myself.

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I'm going to Chang'An Part1

Since we are calling Xi'An as Chang'An, that city, time traveled for 1300 years and still standing in front of us. Japanese are calling Xi'An the "City of Eternity"

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Summer Plan from Southeast Guizhou to Yangshuo(Guilin)

For over 19 years, I have lived here in Guizhou and didn't have a chance to know about the world for many reasons. It took me four years wandering and exploring the outside world after I stepped out of my hometown. That's when I got an offer of an university. However, I finally realized that the most beautiful world actually was the home instead of the high and tough buildings in the big city. And the truth is it is really one of the most beautiful places in China.

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Young Chinese climbed hundreds of skyscrapers in Tianjin City


[attach]521[/attach]You can visit me in Tianjin if you come.

how do u think about the Disney Land in Shanghai?


i wanna go there, and i'm quite curious about the opinions of u guys :)

Use a guide or not for Terracotta Warriors and Jingdi Tomb?


[align=left]We are planning a day-long visit from Xian,first to the Terracotta Warriors and then to Han Yangling Museum. I know theseare far apart, but we have only one day in Xian. We plan to hire a car anddriver for transport. Are there any signs or explanatory material in English ateach of these sites so that on our own we can understand what we are viewing?Or do we need to hire a guide to really appreciate them?If we need a guide, arethere proficient guides available for hire on-site at each museum? What do theycharge? Or are we better off hiring a guide + car + driver as a package for thewhole day?[/align]

Teahouse in Chengdu


I want to be able to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea, the same way as the locals do. Where is the recommended place the locals usually go?

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Having hot pot in pandas' hometown. Chengdu, is a city with leisure and relax, located at Sichuan Basin. The city also called as most “巴适” (means “comfortable”) city in China. At the 4th Century B. C, Chengdu had become the capital of ancient Shu Country. The location of Chengdu is the center of Sic

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Well known for sea of clouds, sunrise and pine trees. Mount Huangshan was named after

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Hong Kong

Most people in HongKong speak Cantonese(a dialect of Chinese , which mainly spoken in Guangdong province and HongKong, Macau). Q: What is the best season to travel in HongKong? October to November is the most comfortable time, walking beside Victoria Bay or hiking in Islands district is the most leisure choice. December to March is the discount season in HongKong. HongKong keeps Chinese tradition a lot. The atmosphere of traditional Spring Festival is very good in HongKong compared to metropolises in Mainland like Shenzhen. Lots of Mainland Chinese choose to spend the Spring Festival in Hongkong. It will be very crowded at that time, especially Disney Land and shopping malls. But it’s a very good chance to know Chinese culture.

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