I'm going to Chang'An Part1
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Since we are calling Xi'An as Chang'An, that city, time traveled for 1300 years and still standing in front of us. Japanese are calling Xi'An the "City of Eternity"

all were taken in Daminggong https://www.baidu.com/link?url=bvUmlzCsdDr47HDT9q-T2O84DBB5XwCdraoWU8_j_HSgCj7-NLrYisbJ1lxn4vtfoIubvH1GydkXPh4WQA89a_&wd=&eqid=ad51605c0000eb420000000357d61c63 from Baidu of China

Muslim Street

in ShaanXi Historical Museum


actually Xi'An was the style that Japan learnt from. in Daiwa Reform of Japan, the Emperor and Shogun sent many students to Tang and they finally led the reform and let Japan become a mid-age country. so for generations people in Japan thought that Tang, was the symbol of civilization and thrive


D1,Huaqing Pool D2,Lishan National Park D3,Terra Cotta Warriors, Muslim Street D4、ShaanXi Historical Museum, City wall of Xi'An

Huaqing Pool is said to be the place where the former Tang Empire's Emperors taking a shower and the Famous 唐明皇(Tou Meikou maybe?)and his wife occurred to fell in love in this place

9-dragon pool it is said to represent the emperor's authority

Flying Ice Palace is said to be the Emperor's living room

this image told the followers the story when the Emperor met his wife for the first time

the lobby

楊玉環's statue, there's also statue in Japan

the Sentou w

This is the place where was set as emperor's viewing tower but I doubt it had been rebuilt in the past years

Taiwan's flag?

I just reviewed the history book, this incident is said to be a general upraised and put the president of China in prison, and rebellion was soon vanquished

where Chiang Kai-Shek was captured

this place is holding the former scholars' works

food in Huaqing Pool looks yummy

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